Welcome to Reception!

Learning to be the best that we can be…

Celebrating Our Stars Of The Week!

This week our Stars Of The Week have given us a reason to smile!

Not only are we celebrating huge confidence and being a great example, but this week we are noticing those friends of ours who cheer us all up and make us giggle!

So here’s to these two Superstars!

May you keep us smiling all year long!

Funky Fingers!

When we think of exercise, we think of running or swimming or even for those real keenies, going to the gym!

But have you ever thought about exercising your fingers?

Our fingers are so important. They help us to do so much! Think about it… they enable us to button up our coats, they scratch an itch, they do up shoelaces, they pick up food, they help us hold a pencil for beautiful writing… they help so much!

In Reception we spend a lot of time exercising our fingers. But how?

Do we run them on a treadmill? NO! Do we swim them up and down a pool? NO! Do we pedal them on a bike? NO!


We pretend they’re cars and drive them along tracks…

… we use them for mixing and spooning out cake mixture and chopping up vegetables…

… we use them for playing games…

…for holding a paintbrush and for pinching out playdough…

… we use them for making meaningful marks…

… which lead to being beautiful writing!

Anything from using Lego bricks to picking up peas, from tackling a puzzle to playing a keyboard, from finger painting to doing up a zip to fiddling with a fidget toy… its all a workout for the fingers!

So let’s get those fingers fit!

What kind of workout can YOU create for your fingers?

Clean Hands!

Today we had a visit from our lovely school nurse!

Before you panic, no, nobody was ill!

She came to talk to us about the importance of washing our hands properly… and it seemed we really did know our stuff!

We knew it was important to keep our hands clean “because we have germs on them!”

“The germs will go in your tummy and we get poorly!” explained one friend.

We thought about the times when we need to wash our hands and we came up with these brilliant ideas…

“… when we’re going to eat… after you play in the sandpit… after you go to the toilet… when you touch the floor… when you’ve played with your pet… when you sneeze… when you play in the mud kitchen!”

What amazing answers!!

Next, we talked about just how we wash our hands and used our sequencing skills to work it out.

So here it is! Our hand washing plan in mini-goals!

Turn on the tap – wet our hands – 1 pump of soap – wash the front – the back – in between our fingers – fingernails – around our thumbs – wrists – rinse it off – turn off the tap – dry!

Wow. Who’d have thought we did such a hand dance when we wash our hands!

Ooh, but look at these gleaming examples!

Ask your child to show you how they wash their hands at home.

We’re sure that with a technique like this, we can keep those poorly tummies, sniffly snouts and spluttery snuffles at bay!


Resourceful Writers!

When we decided that we wanted the ask the zoo to send us a pet, the first job of course was to write a polite letter!

But we didn’t stop there! Oh no! To send a letter we needed a post box… so… you’ve guessed it.. we made one!

Next, letters were popped into envelopes, stamps stuck on, addresses written and they were posted into our bright red post box!

We wait in anticipation now, to see whether the zoo will send us anything in return!

Why not try and help your child write a letter at home this week? You could send it to a friend or someone in your family.

(And maybe you could add a little p.s. to ask if they could write a little note back too! Now that would really make someone’s day, don’t you think? 😉)

Ooooh! Check Out Our New ‘Star Of The Week’ Jumpers!

Well check this groovy pair out, sporting our BRAND NEW Star Of The Week jumpers!

These two absolute superstars have been doing amazing listening AND communicating, making us all so proud!

Well done you two… and we must say, you’re looking VERY groovy in your fancy jumpers too!

‘Soup’er Chefs!

There’s nothing more comforting on a chilly autumnal afternoon, than warm soup and bread!

Oh hang on… yes there is! It’s warm HOMEMADE soup!!

After washing our hands, we gathered our vegetables for a hearty and healthy broth…

… sumptious squash, plump potatoes, crunchy carrots and oodles of onions!

We peeled, chopped, sliced and diced.

Once we had all our ingredients prepared, we sat it to simmer on the stove, filling the classroom with the growing aroma of autumn!

Mouths watering and tummies tantalised, it was then time to turn our bubbling broth into a smooth scrumptious soup!

We liquidised, ladelled and stirred, transforming our mixture into a tasty, rich vegetable soup.

And the reward for all our culinery craftiness?

A delicious cup of our very own soup, accompanied by soft bread, in the company of good friends!

It must be said… it went down rather well too!

Stars Of The Week!

This week we are celebrating two friends that have shown independence, maturity, great friendship and incredible writing!

What brilliant role models we have in Reception!

Well done!

Foraged Fun!

Following our trip to the park the other day, you might well be wondering what we did with all our fabulous foresty finds!

We had some noisy fun bashing our leaves between some old bits of fabric to create incredible natural prints!

We made some crayon rubbings of the leaves, revealing the stunning patterns they hide…

…leading us to experiment with rubbings of lots of other items and textures around Reception!

We used leaves as inspiration for some drawing, making still-life pictures of things we found and tracing around their wiggly outlines!

We counted shiny conkers and represented these on paper!

We arranged sticks in length order and made clever collages using leaves!

There are all sorts of creative and fun things you can do with natural resources… and what’s really great is that it’s all on our doorstep and it costs NOTHING!!!

Why not see what you can find in the park or in your garden this week? Use your imagination and think of what you could do with the things you find! A den, or a miniature garden for your superheroes?… A picture or a pattern?… Forming letters or numbers out of conkers?… there are so many possibilities!

We’d love to see what you do!


If you go down to the park today… you’re sure of a big surprise…!

And what a lovely surprise it was! 60 four and five year olds, popping out of the trees and undergrowth!

We set off on our mission…

… to forage and fill our buckets with a flourish of foresty finds!

Past the puddly pools we padded…

… grazing through the glorious greenery for goodies galore!

Large logs and bendy branches…

… luscious leaves and colourful conkers!

Buckets brimming with brilliant bounty!

(There was even time for a little hide and seek!)

Watch this wonderful space to find out what we ‘wustled’ up with our wealth of woodland wonders!

It’s Yellow Jumper Time!

Huge congratulations to these two cheeky chaps who are this weeks proud wearers of our yellow jumpers, for being the very best that they can be!